What to Auction?

Gift baskets also make for effective auction items since they can contain a wonderful variety of items grouped together in a great display making it easier to auction off. To maximize interest in GiftTree personalized gifts that re being presented at an auction, create a theme. You can also plan on having the gift baskets delivered to the bidders home as an extra perk if they reside nearby.

An alternative to a live auction are gift basket silent auctions that can raise much needed funds and be very entertaining particularly for schools or non profit organizations. The gift baskets for an auctions can be extravagant affairs with fine wines, champagne, caviar, along with gourmet food stuffs, goblets, and other wine accessories such as foil cutter, VIP lever-style wine opener, replacement corkscrew, and wine opener stand. On a humbler note, gift baskets for a school auction could filled with all sorts of school supplies, along with reading books, puzzles, and games. Asking local merchants to donate gift certificates is a long standing practice for school fund raisers. Adding additional items such as lotions, candles, bath salts, CD with relaxing music etc to fill out a gift basket that has a gift certificate to a spa or massage therapist lifts the over all value above each individual item’s perceived value and makes for a much more visually pleasing auction item.

Auctions have been used for cultural, social, and economic reasons for centuries. It is still used in many sectors of our economy, the fastest areas of growth are now in agricultural, machinery, and equipment auctions as well as residential real estate auctions. Auctions can be open to the public or held privately. It seems that almost anything can be sold at auction.

Take a look at what Rosehill Auction Gallery is offering today.

Here at the Rosehill Auction Gallery we will take almost antique items you offer to auction off. It can be anything from a piece of furniture to an item of jewelry or silverware. We will take almost anything that you would like us to auction off for you and get an amazing price for it. We also take pieces of art from artists or family members of yours or anybody whom you know and we can turn sell them for even more than you could imagine. WE have recently held a modern and fine art auction here at Rosehill and people from all over the state of New Jersey. We sold many paintings, sculptures, small objects, and even a few antique items. Many people got the money they deserved for their items and pieces of art that they had brought in, and even more people got a much larger price than they expected.We host large exhibitions with all of your artwork and even some very famous pieces of art feature in the gallery. People have left the auctions in which their artwork had been featured with hundreds, thousands, and sometimes even millions of dollars. Our friends over at our favorite Baltimore moving company are once again an active supporter in the Maryland area activities of the organization. Although we do own a gallery, we also support and have online auctioning events. Once every two weeks and multiple special occasion auctions over a year.

June 11, 2014

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