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I began the entire cycle all over again but there was one underlying issue. I was working 60 to 80 hours a week driving around during the daylight hours looking for buyers or sellers then going to work during the evening hours working on disassembling, refurbishing/re-chroming parts then reassembling these machines. I loved the work but I was so tired and it was starting to wear me down. I had to innovate a new way of buying and selling or find another career path that allotted me more time to rest. It really became a safety problem after one particularly long day of driving. I had not found anything all day to even look at which caused me to stay out longer than normal. I drove further than I did on regular occasion so I turned around to head home for the day. It wasn’t long before I ran myself off the road and almost flipped the only car I did have. It needed some repairs but luckily it was OK. The whole thing could have been much worse.

That was when I really realized that I was living an unsustainable lifestyle. I immediately did a whole rundown of the importance of my current path and re-evaluated everything. Once again, I started the process of evaluating, what I had and where I was, with what I wanted and where I was going. I knew I had learned some valuable things that should at least make for an easy transition into some field. I didn’t think I could continue down the same path because of the given restrictions but there had to be something.

I looked all over for something I could adjust to that offered a salary of comparison but the pickin’s were slim, as they say. I had no official degree or any real work experience so it seemed for a time that I would be forced to settle for a ridiculously low paying salary at some dead end job. This was unacceptable so I did some reanalyzing and found a better solution. I did not have to stop doing what I was doing only become more efficient with my time so I was not always travelling. I started looking into auctions. I would watch for any auction that promised to have some of the thing I could make money from. This way I would only have to travel to one place to find multiple pieces rather than travelling multiple places with the hope of finding just one piece.

With this new discovery of auctions my business took off and I had plenty of extra time to do with as I pleased. Eventually with the development of the Internet as with many businesses, auctions went online. Now it has never been easier to connect with the buyers and sellers that I need to find.

November 10, 2014

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