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Distinguished Member of the bar: Nadia Morgan ME, Darli Bitma NY, William Longcore TX, Daniel Sutton AZ. Paralegals: Dwayne Heights & Rose Pena.

I have had what I consider to be a great life. I have spent much of my time traveling around purchasing what I can from wherever I find it and selling it at a profit. Some people might find this a very difficult career path but I enjoy it a lot. I have always kept my eye open for new ways to buy and sell that I could incorporate into my daily routine. As I was saying, I used to spend a lot of time in a car or on occasion in planes getting to where I was going. I still do to a degree but the whole game has really been turned upside down by the Internet.

Let me explain, I started this business travelling around the counties surrounding my home looking for old gas pumps that I could refurbish and sell to collectors. I sustained a good living doing this for years. Right out of high school I made more money than many of my friends who were either starting college and barely able to maintain part time work, or the ones who chose to jump directly into working a full time entry level position at one or another random job. I mean I knew pool boy to factory workers who were all working harder and making less than I was. I enjoyed those years very much. Looking back, I probably did not expand quickly enough because the money was always pretty good.

Eventually, I did need to find alternative ways of making a living. You see, I had an old car which was constantly needing repair. It was OK because I owned it but I knew if I wanted to support a car payment for a new or used vehicle I would need to up the ante a bit. I kicked it into high gear looking for these gas pumps for extra long hours driving as much a possible during all of the daylight hours. I also put an add in a few of the surrounding counties news paper trying to drum up some business. All these new tactics worked for a time and I was able to save up a couple thousand dollars which was earmarked for a down payment on something nicer to drive. I was getting closer but I hit a snag pretty quickly when it seemed like I had already picked through every old barn and storage facility within 500 or more miles in any direction. Not only did I stop earning but I had to dip into my savings to sustain myself for a month or 2 until I had a stroke of brilliance. I could easily translate many of my skills into refurbishing Juke Boxes.

November 10, 2014

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